“We clean 1000’s of records a year. This is easily the best cleaning fluid we’ve ever used. Highly recommended!” 
Phil Barton (Sister Ray Records)
“Looks and sounds so much better”
Gilles Peterson (Worldwide FM, 05.11.20)
“I use Near Mint pretty much daily, definitely the best thing I’ve found for gently removing the years of dust and mould!” 
Mr Thing
"Easy to apply, removed a lot of grime and dirt and the white cloth shows the grime you remove right away, visually reinforcing the work and leaves a nice shine after. All round solid cleaner."
“I’ve tried all the classic methods of cleaning records but  I can honestly say Near Mint is the best I’ve found. It’s not bad at helping remove stickers & writing from record covers too!”
DJ Format
“After trying Near Mint, I won't be buying anything else."
Rich (Amazon) 
“We like to present our vintage records in the best way possible. Near Mint is a reliable way to remove fingerprints, dirt and dust to make our records look, well, Near Mint! Easy to use with instant results, we're not sure what we'd do without it.”
Jake Holloway (Love Vinyl)
“Great record cleaning, accessories and fairs, highly recommended!”
Jim Sharp
I've been using Near Mint for a couple of years now and this is my 'go to' product for cleaning my vinyl. Have always found delivery to be swift and would certainly recommend.
Henry Howells (Google) 
“I have used a great deal of Near Mint cleaning solution and I can tell you that this product is excellent. Other products are simply nowhere near as good. The customer service is also second to none and they are pleasure to deal with.”
John K (Google)